Sunday, December 19, 2010

Kimchi Fried Rice

Oli, this recipe isn't for you. You can't eat spicy food! And you call yourself Korean! Anyhoo, this is for the other handful of people who read the blog and love spicy food :P

1. Ingredients: Rice (day old rice is great for this - it dries out a little so it's great for fried rice), kimchi (fresh kimchi would probably not be best - more "ripe" kimchi would be better), sesame oil, kochujang (korean chili paste), and an egg.

2. Chop the kimchi -  it's ok if there's some kimchi juice.  Then saute with a little sesame oil on medium heat.  You can also use olive oil or butter.  Saute about 7 or 8 minutes until the kimchi is still a little tender but still a little crunchy.  Then add a dollop of the kochujang.  If the kimchi is looking too dry, add some of the kimchi juice or a little water.

3. After the kochujang has been incorporated, put in the rice.  Microwave the rice beforehand - if you put in cold rice, it'll be too clumpy (if you're using Korean/Japanese rice).  Fold everything together until everything is well incorporated.

4. You can eat it like this but I prefer to top it with a fried egg.  Garnish with a little toasted sesame seeds and you're ready to eat!  Enjoy!

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